• Alpine Assassins 7

      Once again the Assassins were on a mission to bring you big air, huge drop, insane lines, and deep pow. With last year’s snow fall limited, the guys were on a mission to get the big banger shots, and face shots they missed last year and man did they ever. The Assassins logged thousands of miles to bring you some epic riding in some of the most beautiful and big back country riding you will ever see. So sit back relax and let AA7 get you ready for this season.

    • Alpine Assassins 6 The Search For Pow

      The 2015 winter season was unlike any we have seen before. With record low snowfall, warm temps, droughts, and the few and far between pow days that were available, the Alpine Assassins team over came the odds and still found the epic days that we are all looking for. It required more commitment and determination than ever before, with thousands of road miles put on the rigs, constant weather forecasting, and just rolling the dice to see how conditions were at the next zone. These guys threw down all across the board, from huge airs, tight tree lines, and technical routes, to wild antics, and making every day the most fun day possible. The Alpine Assassins are committed to this sport with a crew that keeps it real and has each others back, because lets face it big mountain riding has a fine line between radical and insane. Get ready to join The Search For Pow. Alpine Assassins 6. Presented by: ADS Motorsports Produced by: Vita Brevis Additional Support: Solos Productions / Think Farm Riders: Ken Evans Randy Sugihara Duncan Lee Brandon Micku Brett Turcotte Cody Mcnolty Rob Hoff Luke Rohde Cody Monroe Steve Martin Nate Zollinger Jon Jean Justin Micku Shad Simmons Simon Selberg Kyle Micku Carly Davis Noah Evans

    • Alpine Assassins AA2

      This is a few clips from 2011 of Ken Evans, Randy Sugihara, and Duncan Lee, the most active members of the Alpine Assassins team.

    • Alpine Assassins AA3

      With the most interesting winter on record the Alpine Assassins were on a search for pow. Randy and the Utah crew had snow in December 2012 and were off to a good start. While Ken and Duncan in Tahoe had not seen enough snow to ride and had to take it on the road. The pacific north west had been getting pounded all year, with some decent snow to the east as well, so they went to Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, then caught a few pow days in Tahoe, back north to the Mt baker shootout, and then on to Canada.

    • Alpine Assassins AA4

      The Alpine Assassins were on a mission in 2013 to find the best backcountry snowmobiling conditions and terrain that can be accessed in the western United States and Canada. This film not only brings you these amazing locations, and the off the hook riding, but it also gives you a look into how these pro's work as a brotherhood of back country riders to push the limits, and keep each other safe in the deep reaches of the mountains. Randy Sugihara, Duncan Lee,Ken Evans, Rob Hoff, Steven Darcy, Luke Rhode, Ryan Miller, Cody Monroe, Noah Evans, Jake Jensen, and friends rip it up free riding in new locations with epic conditions, while the RMSHA hill climbs are dominated by Steve Martin, Ty Free, Jay Mantaberry, and many others. If you like hill climb racing and epic backcountry experiences then Alpine Assassins 4 will be sure to satisfy.

    • Alpine Assassins AA5

      The Alpine Assassins were at it again this season, looking for the best riding and epic conditions. They found what they were looking for, and more. Join the crew as they ride the deepest powder, biggest hits, and sickest zones in AA5. You won't be disappointed.